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​President – Chris Sharpe
Vice-President – Rachel Yellin
Treasurer – Christopher Arisz
Secretary – Anne Wickware-Slater
Director - Karen Mattatall
Director – Mike Hartigan
Director – Erin Isaac
Director – Rob Wallace
Director – Barb Turney

Directors are elected by and from the membership at an Annual General Meeting for a maximum of three consecutive terms of three years each with re-election at the Annual General Meeting following each term.  After nine continuous years of service, Directors are required to withdraw from the Board for a period of three years before being eligible for re-election.


Management of the activities of the Shelburne Historical Society is vested in the Board of Directors.  The Board has the authority and responsibility to exercise all authorities and powers set out in the bylaws or conferred on them, and not specifically reserved for the Society to undertake in general meetings of the members.  In particular, the bylaws provide that the Directors have the power to engage employees and determine their compensation, duties and responsibilities or delegate that responsibility to senior staff, ie Manager and Curator.

Vision, Mission and Mandate
Strategic Plan
2021 - 2024
Committee Terms of Reference
Society By-Laws
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